Breathing Re-education

The way we breathe influences the function of our airway, blood circulation, and oxygen release to our body’s cells.
Breathing re-education helps to change disordered breathing patterns into healthy functional ones.
Conditions that interfere with breathing well include asthma, rhinitis, hay fever, snoring, sleep apnea, hormones, and anxiety.

What is the Buteyko Method? 
Buteyko training addresses these common conditions, helping to decongest the nose, switch to and maintain nasal breathing, and resetting the breathing center in our brain toward functional breathing patterns.

It can improve diaphragmatic breathing, symptoms associated with stress and anxiety, quality of sleep, and improve energy levels.
Buteyko breathing can help eliminate over-breathing that looks like mouth breathing, frequent sighing or yawning, and short and shallow breathing. Breathing re-education requires you to practice regularly, as this is how we pave the way for healthier patterns. Choosing to commit to healthier breathing can help you to reduce allergy and asthma symptoms, have control over anxiety, improve your sleep quality, and feel better through your day.

One on one sessions or small group sessions are available for daytime appointments.
Small group classes are periodically offered in the evening.
Please contact OMTherapy directly for scheduling.